Charmingly Geeky’s Weekend at Awesome Con! #awesomecon

Charmingly Geeky Table at Awesome Con Artist Alley

Charmingly Geeky Table at Awesome Con Artist Alley



Been a very long weekend but definitely a fun & successful one. This weekend Charmingly Geeky was lucky enough to have a table in the artist alley at Awesome Con in Washington D.C.  Going in I was of course excited but also very nervous as the shop has never had it’s own table at a big weekend long convention like this before.

Check out a few pics of Charmingly Geeky’s table and jewelry displays below.

I was lucky enough to have a table between my husband Nick (The Teddy Bear Tales) and our friends Scott and Victoria (Time For Hugs and Victoria’s Mishaps) so I had great company for the weekend.

Check out a few pics of Awesome Con’s Artist Alley where our tables were.

Day One

The first day of the con was on Friday and was a preview night. We weren’t expecting much it being a preview night, as I’m told most preview nights there usually aren’t many attendees & artists/vendors usually don’t sell much if anything at all.

Well this preview night was the total opposite. There was a surprisingly large amount of attendees (which surprised everyone) and most were more then happy to part with their money.

Day Two

The second day of the con was mega packed with attendees. Check out the pic below I was able to grab of one of the lines outside the convention building.

Awesome Con Attendee Line

Awesome Con Attendee Line

Let’s just say I was super glad I had made duplicates of certain jewelry pieces and kicking myself for not doing that for other certain pieces. Whether taking care of a sale or working on a piece to display (had a bunch I didn’t get to finish during the week so had to finish them at the con in between sales) I didn’t stop working the whole day.

I had decided since I would be there for all 3 days that on Friday and Saturday I would offer to do custom orders that could be picked up Saturday or Sunday for those who might want a certain piece made. I was so thrilled because someone actually ordered a custom piece on Saturday…check out the Fry from Futurama keychain they ordered in the pic below.

Futurama Fry Keychain Commission

Futurama Fry Keychain Commission

Day Three

The final day of the con was on Sunday and I think it being Easter contributed to a slightly smaller amount of attendees then we saw on Sat.

Even so there were still a lot of attendees there and it being the last day lots of them were in search for last minute items to grab for themselves or others. So once again I was kept busy between doing sales and getting more pieces made to display.

Me Working Hard at Awesome Con

Me Working Hard at Awesome Con

One of the downsides to being an artist & having a table is that you miss out on seeing the guests or attending any panels because you’re busy working & selling. So it was a huge delight on Sunday when we were making our way out to leave and saw actor Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters) standing by one of the pick up ticket stands. He was so sweet and even though he too was trying to make his way out he stopped for a moment to let us take a pic with him…check out the pic below! Totally awesome moment!!

Me, Ernie Hudson, and Hubby

Me, Ernie Hudson, and Hubby

All in all it was an amazing experience and totally exceeded my expectations. Though I was nervous about having my own table at such a big convention I’m glad I did it and Charmingly Geeky was a huge hit. Was a very long & tiring weekend that had a few hiccups but on a whole it was really good and glad we went.

Have to say a big thank you to our friends Scott & Victoria for putting us up for the weekend during the convention. We so appreciate it and can’t thank you enough for your hospitality…had a great time and looking forward to returning the favor later this year.

An even bigger thank you to my partner in crime and wonderful husband Nick for all your help, advice, and taking a chance on Charmingly Geeky for this convention and getting me my own table.

Much appreciation to my cousin Katie for having Ethan over for the weekend so we could focus on the convention and work. I know he was in good hands and he had a fantastic time.

Last but definitely not least thank you to Ben for putting together such an amazing convention this weekend and allowing us to be a part of it. You rock dude!! And can’t wait for next year’s Awesome Con.

Check out some pics of a few attendees wearing the very cool Charmingly Geeky jewelry they purchased from my table at Awesome Con!!

As is our tradition, we always make sure to bring our son Ethan something back from the a convention if he didn’t go with us. I was thankfully able to break away from my table on Sunday for a few minutes and grab him a few bits of geekery. Check him out below showing off his Awesome Con haul from Geek Boy Press, Evie Tees, and Josh C. Lyman.

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