Charmingly Geeky Hits Eastern Shore Fan Con!!

Lil Ms. Deadpool Cosplayer Wearing Charmingly Geeky's Deadpool Earrings

Lil Ms. Deadpool Cosplayer Wearing Charmingly Geeky’s Deadpool Earrings

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending Eastern Shore Fan Con with my husband and fellow artist Nick Davis (The Teddy Bear Tales).

We attended this convention last year and really enjoyed it so decided to go again this year. Only this year instead of sharing a little space on my husband’s table I was able to get my own table in the artist’s alley which was both exciting and scary!

We had a wonderful time at the convention and had a lot of fun. It’s always nice seeing and talking to your fellow artist’s and friends. The day was made even more fun by our friend’s and fellow artist’s Scott Markley (Time for Hugs) and Victoria Jones (Victoria’s Mishaps) who my husband had a “your momma” war with through out the day.

I have to say a very special thank you to James Dufendach who gave me the chance to be there and was so kind and understanding. Of course I must also thank all the amazing people who came out and bought some geekery from the Charmingly Geeky table…..check out little Ms.Deadpool cosplayer in the pic above sporting a pair of handmade Deadpool earrings she bought from my table!!

Now it’s on to prepping for the next convention, Awesome Con in D.C.!!

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